Promo Video

Shake off your perception of lengthy corporate videos dragging on in a dark boardroom. Today’s smarter versions are all about capturing your messaging in a quick, engaging “brand burst.” Here’s why you should revisit this powerful tool and discover why short videos make all the difference.

They fit in everyone’s schedule. Got a minute? Just about everyone does. Short videos are less likely to get put off until later.

They travel light. Use your video to kick off your next presentation. Highlight it on your website’s home page. Email the link with a quick invitation to watch. Roll it out on social media. Post it on your YouTube channel. It doesn’t get more accessible and versatile than this.

They let you talk about yourself without talking. No one likes a sales pitch. Let your video hit your exact brand messaging highlights perfectly, every time.

Remember, short videos get watched and remembered. And don’t forget to end yours with a strong call to action to make it one of the hardest working tools in your branding arsenal.

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