If your new brand launch or advertising campaign includes a slogan or tagline, you may have explored registering a service mark or grabbing the corresponding hash tag. But did you think about securing your tagline as an online domain? Here are three reasons why buying the .com for your slogan is a smart move.

1. You maintain control.
Rolling out an original and memorable slogan requires intense vetting and scrutiny. Next to your brand name and logo, no other branding element works harder to set you apart. Protect this valuable asset from being hi-jacked by a stranger – or worse, a competitor – by owning its online destination. Registering an available domain name is relatively inexpensive. Buying one from someone who already owns it can be cost prohibitive.

2. It turns brand recall into redirects.
Rather than typing in a complete URL, most people find themselves typing in a phrase and letting Google do the rest. Redirecting your slogan domain to your main website gives searchers one more way to arrive at your online doorstep.

3. It opens possibilities.
Owning your slogan as a URL opens the door to additional branding and promotional opportunities. At Station8, we launched our slogan as a teaser to drive visitors to our splash page during the renovation of Tulsa’s historic Fire Station No. 8 into our new offices. Today, it redirects to our homepage.