22 Aug

3 Reasons Why Slogans Make Smart Website Domains

August 22, 2017

If your new brand launch or advertising campaign includes a slogan or tagline, you may have explored registering a service mark or grabbing the corresponding hash tag. But did you think about securing your tagline as an online domain? Here are three reasons why buying the .com for your slogan is a smart move. 1. […]

22 Aug

9 Ways Drone Footage Can Help Your Next Video Take Flight

August 22, 2017

Drones may look like trendy toys, but this small gadget can bring big ROI for your brand. Here’s why you should consider using a drone in your next video: 1. Show Scale When our client, AG Equipment Company, wanted to showcase their impressive facility, we knew that a drone would be the best way to […]

22 Aug

3 Places NOT to Be Creative on Your Website

August 22, 2017

Engaging your online visitors and keeping them on your website requires creativity. Compelling content, beautiful design and intuitive navigation all add up to a positive user experience. But there are a few places where getting creative could work against you by stifling interaction and increasing bounce rates. Here are three places where being straightforward is the way to go. […]

22 Aug

“Late Braking” and Other Lessons Learned from Formula1 Racing

August 22, 2017

As a three-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton knows what it takes to consistently win races and outmaneuver his competition. He didn’t become the dominant force of F1 racing by accident. Recently, Hamilton was on CBS’ 60 Minutes and spoke with Charlie Rose about his illustrious career. He explained a major factor contributing to […]

05 Dec

Client Testimonials for Station8 Branding

How to Secure Enthusiastic Client Testimonials

December 5, 2015

Endorsements from your clients bring third-party credibility to your website and other brand communications. These authentic sound bites allow you to showcase an aspect of your brand or service, without sounding self-serving. But how do you go about securing client testimonials – while ensuring they sound great? The trick is not asking for a testimonial […]

03 Nov

Why Your People Don't Make The Difference

Why Your People Don’t Make The Difference

November 3, 2015

You have great things to say about your company or brand. But will your words make an impact or get lost in the shuffle? To make your brand story stand out, you can’t chime in with what everyone else is saying. Learn how to dig deeper and differentiate your brand with messaging that sets you […]

19 Oct

Understanding Your Google Analytics

Understanding Your Google Analytics

October 19, 2015

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding how people use and utilize your site. We’ve built this guide to provide a simple overview of the key terms Google Analytics uses to describe the behavior of users on your site. Users How many people viewed or interacted with your site. A single person (user) can […]

25 Sep

Giving Back: Honoring Those Who Serve While Supporting the Tulsa Fire Museum.

September 25, 2015

Station8 marked the 90th anniversary of our namesake home, Tulsa’s historic Fire Station No. 8, on September 24 with a celebration that recognized retired and active Tulsa Fire Department firefighters and raised funds for the new Tulsa Fire Museum. We were honored to welcome dozens of firefighters and many of their family members back to […]

05 Aug

Promo Video

3 Big Reasons Why You Need a (Short) Corporate Video

August 5, 2015

Shake off your perception of lengthy corporate videos dragging on in a dark boardroom. Today’s smarter versions are all about capturing your messaging in a quick, engaging “brand burst.” Here’s why you should revisit this powerful tool and discover why short videos make all the difference. They fit in everyone’s schedule. Got a minute? Just […]

24 Jul

The Little Trick to Make Your Website Domain Easier to Read and Remember

July 24, 2015

Website domains are often a mash-up of words followed by .com. Without conventional spaces to separate the string of words, legibility suffers and unintended words can be formed. To help readers understand your important web domain at a glance, capitalize the first letter of every word. Note the legibility difference in this example. fireupyourbrand.com FireUpYourBrand.com […]

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