How to Secure Enthusiastic Client Testimonials

December 3, 2018

Endorsements from your clients bring third-party credibility to your website and other brand communications. These authentic sound bites allow you to showcase an aspect of your brand or service, without sounding self-serving. But how do you go about securing client testimonials – while ensuring they sound great?

The trick is not asking for a testimonial at all. Ask your client or customer if they wouldn’t mind providing a sentence or two about their experience working with you. This gets people thinking beyond, “great service,” to a more personal and often enthusiastic review that includes real details unique to you and your brand. Also, by limiting it to one-two sentences, clients are more likely to comply – and potential clients are more likely to read it.

If you’re ready to boost your brand with client testimonials, craft a simple email today asking for this quick favor and send it out to your best fans. Explain how and where the endorsement will be used. Then be sure to credit their name and title. It’s a smart way to sell your brand without a hint of being salesy.

Are you ready to fire up your brand?