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Feature-rich and user-friendly, right? Sounds simple enough. Thing is, how do we get there? While that may seem like a loaded question, we know the key to intuitive websites and digital products is good planning and even greater discovery. During the discovery phase, we spend a lot of time dialing into what features you need in the project. During the architecture phase, we make sure the vision fits the goals and budget respectively. Discovery is key to finding the best solution, at times it’s the problem solving during discovery that leads to some of our greatest award-winning websites. By focusing on data and user insights, we strive to bring the most user-centric design possible without sacrificing business objectives.


Our team takes website development very seriously. We start all web projects with a wireframe process that is incredibly thorough and dial into the functionality to ensure you are getting the best product that fits your needs. We use rapid functional wireframes to get ideas in front of you and your team in order to flush out any areas that need to be refined. With this process, we deliver the best digital products because of the detailed preparation and planning to ensure perfection is the only outcome.

Web design


User experience (UX) strategy and user interface design are the crux of what makes a great digital product. We’re always looking to push the boundaries of what makes great, great! Whether that's using cutting edge JavaScript libraries or incorporating 3D objects to deliver the most thrilling and interactive product we can. The real question is: will this make the digital product better? And also help achieve your business goals? If the answer is yes, then we will create a way to develop the ideas put forth by the team. Our designs have won many awards, most notably was ‘Best in Digital’ at the Addy’s. In the end, you don't just get a website from Station8, you get the best website in your industry.


Website development may seem more elusive than an eel in a bath of vaseline, but we assure you we have a solid handle on it. Our developers are constantly furthering their craft in the fastest-changing industry on earth. New languages emerging and algorithms changing very frequently, it pays to stay up-to-date and have the passion to do so. The fact of the matter is we want your websites and applications to be the best out there. Your product is as important to us as it is to you and no half measures are taken.


We don’t like surprises so we can only assume you don’t either, and the worst surprises are those that come after months of anticipation! With this in mind, we take a very structured approach toward launching a website. Our web and account teams make sure all goes smoothly from final approval to launch day. After the website is approved to launch, we walk through a checklist to ensure everything looks and is working as it should, right down to every button and every period. Our team will give you peace of mind when we push this new reflection of your company live. The website will be set up for SEO success, be mobile responsive, cross browser compatible and ready to welcome your next big customer into your digital storefront with an enhanced user experience.

web design and development