Brand discovery and lessons from our research.

July 29, 2019

Here at Station8, we are constantly working with B2B and industrial clients across multiple industries. With clients spanning from aviation to orthodontics, there is often very involved research to be done. We do this deep-dive research in order to deliver the most accurate representation of the company throughout their brand messaging, website and print collateral. During the research phase, we repeatedly come across interesting processes that, up to that point, were new to us.

We would like to share with you some highlights that we have learned over the last year or so in an effort to broaden some horizons and, well, because they are just pretty cool.

Wet to dry lease

ACMI or wet lease is a term used only in aviation. Many airlines are in different stages of development, whether they are developing new routes, starting a new airline, or simply overloaded with travel season. In these scenarios, airlines need more aircraft, crews and experienced pilots to meet the demand of that specific time. That’s where ACMI comes into play. Airlines that deal in ACMI are like any other airline. However, they operate in a slightly different way. In the scenario where an airline is overloaded, a commercial airline will request that our client, OMNI Air International, will provide an aircraft, crew, and pilot for a period of time. During the time when the aircraft is running routes for that airline, the aircraft is wrapped, and the crew wears uniforms to look like the airline they are flying for throughout the duration of the contract. These contracts are typically no less than 90 days. This is called a wet lease.

After that time the commercial airline has the option to turn that wet lease into a dry lease. This part is much more simple and more like a traditional car lease where the airline takes on just the aircraft. In this case, they would be using their own crew and pilots to run those routes.

You can learn more about OMNI Air International here at

A cleaner than average room

Cleanrooms are typically used when manufacturing parts for medical devices or aerospace applications. These parts are typically rubber or plastic. The nature of the final use of these parts means manufacturers like Da/Pro are held to the highest standards in the realm of particle and air cleanliness during manufacturing. The cleanliness and quality of the final parts could mean the difference between life and death. As such, cleanrooms are of the utmost importance for manufacturing parts for healthcare and aerospace. Cleanrooms are specially defined and constructed spaces that ensure very controlled and low amounts of dust and other airborne particulates that can compromise the production quality and consistency of manufactured parts, good and packaging.

The parameters these rooms are required to stay within are dramatic. A class 10,000 cleanroom states the number of particles of size .5 micron per cubic foot of air. Now with that said, a .5 micron cannot be seen by the human eye; this means in a cleanroom rated to class 10,000, there are 325,000 particles at .5 micron per cubic foot of air. In comparison, a cubic foot of air outside in the city contains 35,000,000 particles.

You can learn more about cleanrooms and Da/Pro here at

Rust finish required

Colorado, a beautiful mountainous state, is where many choose to spend the winter and even more have chosen to make their home. In this picturesque state, regulations mandate what structures that carry power across the region must look like. Our client Pelco Structural fabricates such structures: 30-40-feet metal electrical poles.

These poles are fabricated in such a way as to stand up in the harshest of environments including high-speed winds and dramatic changes in temperature. Typically In other states, where Pelco brings power to homes and cities, the finish is usually a galvanized finish. In Colorado, however, they require that these structures are acid treated to have a rust-colored patina. This helps the structures blend into the natural brown and green environment in which they are erected.

You can learn more about all the structures Pelco fabricate here at

There are so many unique ways people do business, and we love learning about them. We are constantly surprised and look forward to our research sessions. We believe it’s this research and stakeholder interviews that set a brand apart in the marketplace.

Are you ready to fire up your brand?