Brochure design tips: Five time bombs that date your brochure

Last Modified: June 26, 2024

Going to press is different than going live with digital content. 

To protect your printing budget and brand image – adhere to these brochure design tips and avoid these traps that make your printed pieces irrelevant before their time.

Years in business

Your experience may be a differentiator, but the number of years you’ve been around is guaranteed to change within 12 months. When it comes to designing your brochure, stick with the year founded instead.

Territories and maps

If your footprint is still growing, don’t include territories or maps. Including this in your brochure design can limit your potential reach. Besides, someone will always be bigger.

Salespeople’s names

People retire, get promoted and switch jobs. Having the name or identifier of someone who has left the company can most certainly date your brochure design.  Moreover, you should be promoting the brand, not individuals.

Photos of technology

Computer screens and smartphones only look innovative until the next model release. Phones nowadays update their model every year, and computers every few years. That puts a time stamp on the design of your brochure and can make it seem outdated.

Trendy language in your brochure design

Flavor-of-the-day sayings are best kept to digital platforms. I know, right?

Bottom line, keep your valuable brochure designs fresh by saving fast-changing data for your website, social media posts and other digital marketing content.

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Published: June 26, 2024

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