Why we love brand evolution

August 2, 2018

Your dad may recall the 1975 jingle for the two all-beef patties with special sauce at McDonald’s, but you probably can’t remember the brand before “I’m Lovin’ It.” Though their advertising, products, and packaging have changed, the company’s mission to be their customers’ favorite place to eat and drink hasn’t. Since its founding in 1955, McDonald’s has dominated the fast-food industry because they are keenly aware of the need to evolve to meet consumer needs.

McDonald’s understands that though their customers still crave the same hot, easy-to-eat items on their menu that were enjoyed over sixty years ago, the way they market those products should constantly be modified to meet their always-changing audience.

A common misconception for many companies is that once the brand identity has been established, the company is set. Yes, the branding will work for a while, but the best brand strategy includes the ability to develop experiences, create meaning, and adapt to market changes and demographic shifts, which you simply can’t get from a one-and-done logo refresh.

Today, brands need to do more than offer a quality product and a participatory, social presence 𑁋 and forget trying to be the biggest, cheapest, or smartest in your industry. Humans have a natural desire to belong and are hard-wired to seek connection, so it’s important that consumers feel connected to a brand through a shared vision and shared values, allowing consumers to connect beyond the digital code.

Companies across all industries and markets need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t work for their company brand image. Partnering with an advertising agency can help your company determine how and when to update your branding.

Our job is to help you communicate what differentiates your company amongst its competitors. We’ll craft a brand messaging strategy by performing discovery, research, and interviews to learn what sets your company apart and why consumers should believe in your brand, then we’ll use that information to create powerful brand messaging that works now and in the future 𑁋 when it’s time yet again to evolve.

We love strategic brand evolution because it gives a company the opportunity to capture new audiences, communicate growth, and weave its mission into the fabric of their consumers’ lives.

Whether you’re designing a brand from scratch and need to create a website or you’re ready to pivot and need a website redesign, we’re here to help you fire up your brand!

Are you ready to fire up your brand?