Fire Up Your Brand



At the heart of our branding process is discovery. In branding, whether launching a startup or reviving an established brand, it's the discovery that divides the lasting from the fleeting. Socrates said “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” This is the bones of our branding strategies and campaigns. Without this knowledge, we would essentially be working in the dark. A lasting brand that becomes a household name is not something that’s created on a “name my business” generator. It takes research, planning, collaboration and most of all, discovery.

Competitive Analysis

With our competitive analysis, we illustrate how your brand compares to others in your industry. Our goal is to contextualize. From online task discoverability to company colors, we create a snapshot of each of your competitors. It’s a birds-eye view that shows how you stack up against the rest. We use this data to deliver a competitive advantage and learn the weak spots in the industry so we know where to focus our advances for the best gain. To be able to yield lasting results, we need to know what the rest of the industry is doing.

Interviews with Company Leaders

We work with go-getters like you every day. Marketing directors, brand managers, CEOs, business owners, private equity leaders — all with goals, numbers to hit and deadlines to meet. During these interviews, the discovery doesn't stop. You see, perspective is everything. We know that perspective can only be gained through an array of sources. With that said, we have found that the truest source of what makes your brand tick is your clients. Over the years, we’ve learned more about brands from their clients than their own employees or owners alike. We say that we’re a business-minded ad agency. We’re in sync with your fast-paced demands and we’ve got the strategies to help you reach your goals.

Brand Messaging Guide

In short, if you don’t have a brand messaging guide you might feel like a captain at sea without a compass. Our brand messaging guide is the fusion of discovery, research, and interviews. Delivered as a quick reference guide to fuel further advertising efforts and campaigns and even keep your sales force on the same page. This messaging guide really is the cornerstone of a lasting brand and helps align marketing strategies while keeping a brand on track.

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