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We are the Eights.

Tulsa’s Fire Station No. 8 was built in 1925, just a few blocks south of historic Route 66. Back then, it was a single-story, neighborhood station — the last one in Tulsa to stable horses. The original Eights (as firefighters call themselves after their station number) worked their final shift here in the early 1990s after the City of Tulsa decommissioned the Station.

As the new Eights, we’re honored to work where so many dedicated firefighters served before. We’re also proud of our part in revitalizing a piece of Tulsa’s history. Our namesake, Fire Station No. 8, gives us the perfect backdrop for firing up brands. Designed for collaboration, our iconic home inspires our make-it-happen culture with a focus on service.

A final note on the Station. Just as numbers are retired for the best athletes, the City of Tulsa retired the number 8 for its fire stations. We hope to make the Station’s next chapter as exciting and meaningful as its last.

Station8 Branding Office

Our best team, every time.

There’s a reason why client relationships last at Station8. That’s because you get our most experienced account and creative team every time, because that is our team. When we started in 1996, we decided to break the barriers that separate creative and account management. The result is direct communication and collaboration with the people who are actually designing, writing and developing your branding, creative assets, digital strategy and website — so nothing is lost in translation.

Bringing clarity to your story.

Brand stories are often complex, which can create barriers in your customer journey. People don’t take the next step, make the purchase, or click the submit button when they’re confused. That’s where our Messaging Guide process can help. Developed over decades of working with smart brands, our Messaging Guide identifies the positioning and copy points you need to unequivocally differentiate your brand, own your story and stay on message.

We move at your speed.

We work with go-getters like you every day. Marketing directors, brand managers, CEOs, business owners, private equity leaders — all with big goals, numbers to hit and deadlines to meet. We’re a business-minded ad agency, in sync with your fast-paced demands and need for smart strategies to get things moving.

20 + years of award-winning advertising, branding, and web designs.

We make brands and the people behind them look good.

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