Revolution or evolution? Knowing how far to take your logo refresh.

August 2, 2018

Even more than slogans and other branding elements, your brand’s logo and colors should have tremendous staying power. Still, after years or even decades of faithful service, logos sometimes require updating to accurately reflect the brand’s current image. For established companies and products with valuable brand equity, the question arises: complete logo redo or simple refresh? These examples of logo updates Station8 recently designed show both ends of the spectrum and the strategic thinking behind each approach.

Former logo
An elliptical element so common to the 90s dates the design and fails to differentiate.

Logo revolution
A strong new mark, font and brand colors now align with this company’s leading edge online education.

Former logo
A cumbersome font hurts legibility and does not reflect the construction company’s innovation.

Logo evolution
The new design capitalizes on the company’s recognizable arrowhead and honors its heritage. Solid and bold, the modern font features a stylized reference to a crane in the first letter.

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