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Bradford Minerals

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Families take care of each other. Bradford Minerals helps families build lasting legacies for each other through royalty interest and mineral rights acquisition.


As a family owned business, Bradford Minerals knows two things well — people and land. In establishing their corporate identity, they needed branding that reflects their deep understanding of both.


Station8 captured the companyʼs character, strength and spirit through authentic branding.

We started with a logo designed to honor the land and their name. Combining this foundation with original photography and strong brand messaging, we created a beautiful website to reflect the values of Bradford Minerals.

Brand messaging with clarity.

Brand experiences are a type of relationship — and all relationships require trust. We told the Bradford Minerals story with a sincere voice that reinforces the company’s commitment to doing things right.


From start to finish, we designed and developed the website with user experience and SEO in mind. To ensure compatibility and responsiveness across browsers, we employed various digital tools to bring to fruition a vertical scrolling structure throughout the site.

Across, we employed SVG images — powerful digital weapons thanks to their responsivity, speed and editability — which bolster SEO since they are indexable, load fast and look great on every screen resolution.

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“Station8 is flat out amazing."

Willie Barron