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Dentsply Sirona

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The world’s best brands have a noble cause. As a global dental products manufacturer, Dentsply Sirona helps dental clinicians and specialists around the world save teeth through better, safer endodontics.


Dentsply Sirona is the thought leader in the specialty of endodontics, a highly technical field, driven by innovation and scientific research. As such, the company needed a brand partner who would dive deep to intimately understand its products, advertising channels and audiences throughout diverse global markets.


In the nearly two decades that Station8 has worked with Dentsply Sirona, we’ve immersed ourselves in the company’s business and culture — viewing focus groups, attending trade shows, taking the company’s CE courses, reviewing research, touring manufacturing plants, interviewing scores of endodontists, shadowing outside sales reps, attending national sales meetings, viewing user evaluations for FDA approvals and more. It’s this commitment to truly knowing the brand and how to speak to its audiences that has helped us successfully launch or relaunch more than 50+ Dentsply Sirona product brands and support the company through two mergers and name changes. Most recently, we unveiled a new website supported by a powerful digital marketing strategy to promote the company’s thought leadership.

Endo Blog

Dental clinicians around the world trust Dentsply Sirona to support them in their quest for better endodontics, but were lacking a unified resource for tapping into helpful research and educational content. Station8’s web design team created the new Dentsply Sirona Endo Blog to include engaging forums for reviewing clinical case studies and filtering through the company’s deep listing of helpful how-to videos. A simple, friendly user experience invites exploration and participation among the company’s audiences.

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A few of the

50+ product brands launched for Dentsply Sirona

Brand messaging with clarity.

In communicating with Dentsply Sirona’s audiences of highly educated dentists and specialists, we strike a supportive, respectful posture finely honed through focus group testing, all while strictly staying within FDA-approved claims.

Station8 balances this noble cause with the firm’s deep understanding of how to reduce each project’s time and costs while retaining all that the client values.


This interactive touchscreen drew trade show traffic into the Dentsply Sirona booth and enticed users to compare the company’s quality and value against competitor products.

“We found the Station8 team to be exceptional business partners.”

Bill Newell
Franchise Vice President, Restoratives, DENTSPLY International