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Omni Air International

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For 25 years, Omni Air International has elevated people and connected worlds by flying to hundreds of global destinations. As part of our rebranding for the airline, we made Omni’s beautiful new website a destination in itself.


When conducting our deep-dive discovery process with Omni Air International, we learned consumers equate even slightly out-of-date aircraft cabins with “unsafe” airplanes. A similar perception often gets assigned to out-of-date websites, leaving visitors to doubt the company’s capabilities and credibility. Omni came to Station8 needing not only a modern, custom website, but also new literature, presentations, videos and more to align their brand communications with their innovation, excellence and leadership.


Omni Air International’s reputation for reliability in the global widebody charter and ACMI space is unsurpassed. Today, the airline’s brand communications reinforce their commanding presence and capabilities — while speaking to their multiple audiences including other airlines and governments around the world.

Omni brochure

Web & Interactive

Station8 listened and asked the right questions to deliver an exciting new website that achieves Omni’s business goals while engaging users. Beautiful custom-shot images, powerful proof points, customer testimonials, interactive features and carefully positioned calls-to-action combine to make the website a source of pride — and new sales leads — for the company.

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Fleet Explorer

We learned Omni’s potential new customers are especially interested in their fleet’s capabilities and options for customization, such as seating configurations. Station8 used the 3js javascript library to create interactive 3D models of the airline’s different widebody aircraft. Hot points allow users to learn more about points of interest.

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“Station8 really did their homework to understand Omni's culture and brand messaging. What a fun and collaborative group."

Robert Jared
Vice President - Business Planning & Strategy