Fire Up Your Brand

Tulsa Community College

Advertising | Branding

In the top 3% of U.S. community colleges, TCC focuses not only on enrollment numbers, but on graduation rates as well.


Tulsa Community College (TCC) was in a bind when its marketing team called our advertising agency. State funding cuts forced the community college to reduce its marketing budget, yet it needed a fresh way to promote its academic excellence and affordability to its two key audiences: traditional students straight out of high school and non-traditional students more than 24 years old.


Station8 delivered with a powerful strategy that optimized TCC’s marketing dollars. Before working with Station8, TCC traditionally developed separate advertising messages for its two student audiences. Our team developed brand messaging with a bold call to action and a unified look that spoke to both audiences, reducing media and production costs. We also featured real students throughout the ad campaign to highlight TCC’s commitment to diversity. To bring further value to our client, Station8 simultaneously directed the video shoot for a TV spot with the campaign’s photo shoot for print, outdoor and other elements.

Brand messaging with clarity.

Concerns over tuition and standardized entrance exams can put the brakes on plans to enroll in college classes. TCC’s “Bring Your Ambition” campaign theme and supporting copy remind potential students that the main thing they need to be successful at TCC is something they already possess.

“When Station8 first presented our new branding, we felt like someone finally heard and understood us. Our new campaign is not only successful, it’s a source of pride for everyone at TCC.”

Kari Shults, APR
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications