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Selser Schaefer Architects

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Selser Schaefer Architects’ approach to architecture is as beautiful as their designs. They see architecture as a great responsibility to build community.


The firm needed their advertising and web design to not only showcase the breadth of their work, but also highlight their commitment to bringing people together through engaging spaces.


With our deep understanding of the firm’s brand and ethos, Station8 created a unified brand presence that tells the story behind Selser Schaefer Architect’s vision and projects. Their web design captivates from the start with a sweeping homepage video of people gathering and connecting in one of their latest spaces. Flowing navigation then takes visitors on a journey through each project’s story. Smart SEO best practices further help their work get noticed. Architecture may be about buildings, but it’s for people. Selser Schaefer Architects’ branding brings their vision to life with clarity.

Brand messaging with clarity.

Selser Schaefer Architectects’ brand voice takes on the feel of brand activism as it emphasizes architecture’s power to bring people together by creating “places for human beings...and being human.”

Station8 balances this noble cause with the firm’s deep understanding of how to reduce each project’s time and costs while retaining all that the client values.

Web & Interactive

Encouraging return website visitors.

We designed the Selser Schaefer Architects’ website to be as easy to update as it is to explore, so that the firm’s marketing team can keep the content fresh with its constantly changing portfolio of new projects.

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“I just wanted to let you know how pleased everyone is with all of our new materials. From the logo to the corporate brochure to the website, I have heard nothing but positive feedback! Internally as well as from clients and prospects. WOW!”

Krista Dietz
Marketing Communications Manager